My life has been a storybook. I lived in Europe for 25 years and worked as a high-end rep in the fashion industry. I have eaten dinner with a princess, sailed the Adriatic, and driven as fast as I wanted for longer than I wanted! The events of 9-11 made me realize that I wanted to live and die in my beloved homeland and, so, I flew over the Atlantic for the last time on the first anniversary of that unforgettable day.

Space is at a premium in Munich and so I did not pursue my interest in building mobiles there. Upward space, unused and open, indicates a lack of need and is a sign of wealth. For me, it screams for fantasy and labor, to give it personality. My first winter back, I was allowed to use a wonderful space and I discovered new forms and ideas. Linear mobiles were the first product. After a minor illness brought me into contact with a child fighting cancer with chemo and radiation, I felt the need to make a gift for the children’s hospital to help the patients, if only for a moment, forget their personal misery. The resulting piece was the first of an art form I termed, a ‘holographic’ sculpture.

The linear mobiles are built off of a suspended, stabile 1 inch square aluminum tube. There are pivoting arms, aluminum flat plates, suspended at intervals along the pipe. Depending on the action I am seeking they can be directly or indirectly related to their partners on either side. Once there is something hanging from the end of each arm, the effect of one piece moving creates a reaction on the opposite side of the arm (think front and back) and being related to the arm next to it, also creates a reaction along the side it is on (imagine front, front, front moving).